Top 10 NATURAL dog foods

Here is a list of the Top 10 natural Dog foods. What you put into your beagle’s body is very important. Bad nutrition can cause a myriad of issues for a growing dog. Some of these issues include: Bad joint health Bad breath Weight loss Dull dandruff filled coat Lethargy All of the dog food […]

Charlie loves the pie face game!

Charlie and Laura Olivia have a great new game to play! PIE FACE!   Charlie can’t resist licking the whipped cream. Do you play any games with your beagle? Purchase the game here:   Follow Charlie and Laura Olivia on Facebook: And YouTube: Link 

Oliver – The Snow Beagle

Oliver the Beagle meets Jack London. It’s not quite subzero in Fahrenheit, but it’s -10 degrees Celsius!  This beagle loves playing in the snow with Jack London! Does your beagle like snow? Tell us in the comments!