Free For The First Time

The life of these Beagles wasn’t easy… They were used in a laboratory in South Korea and now they were left in a shelter… Fortunately the Beagle Freedom Project came to their rescue… These senior Beagles were flown to the United States where they got to run on grass for the first time… Watch this […]

Summer of Freedom

Here is the BFP’s historic multi-lab, multi-state, and largest U.S. Beagle rescue to date! 38 beagles freed in the largest coordinated release. From coast to coast and several states in between scores of new families were created in an unequalled rescue operation. Despite “animal industry” opposition and obstacles, BFP quietly secured the release and freedom […]

Big on Beagles Rescue

Here is an interview to Marna Gale, Founder of the breed specific rescue organization Big on Beagles (BOB) Rescue. B.O.B helps the not so fortunate, i.e. special needs Beagles like older beagles – some with health issues and even some terminally ill – and overweight Beagles. The hard work of rescue organizations that help Beagles […]

Maggie’s Story

Meet Maggie the Beagle who is an ADORABLE rescued dog… She was used as a teaching dog in a university and she now lives in a loving home… She still has some psychological issues to surpass, but Maggie’s family is doing everything to keep her happy and comfortable! 🙂 Do you have a rescued dog? […]

Korean Beagle Rescue

The Beagle Freedom Project mission is rescuing and finding homes for Beagles used in laboratory research. The research industry says they adapt well to living in a cage, and are inexpensive to feed. The Beagle Freedom Project had the honor of helping to free 10 Korean dogs from a laboratory in Seoul, South Korea! They […]

Beagle Freedom Project’s Identity Campaign

Tens of thousands of Beagles are used in cruel and deadly laboratory experiments. When they are no longer “useful” for the experiment, they are usually killed, discarded, and forgotten. Beagle Freedom Project believes that all dogs deserve Names, and that they have a right to a home where they will be part of the family. Would you […]

Laboratory Beagle Rescue in South Korea

Last month another 10 laboratory Beagles were rescued from their “research” life. They spent over 5 years in cages, never knowing affection, freedom, or the comforts of a home. Three Korean organizations successfully advocated for their liberation. Are you proud of Beagle Freedom Project? Watch & Comment: