Cruelty-Cutter App

Hundreds of thousands of animals are used yearly in the U.S. for testing on cosmetics and products. Cast away any doubts when purchasing items by using CRUELTY-CUTTER to scan an item and have an immediate response about its animal testing status. Scan a product’s barcode to see if it is tested on animals – right […]

Beagle Wins 139th Westminster Dog Show

A beagle named Miss P won the top honor at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Miss P is a gorgeous Beagle lady! She has the perfect structure and colors… Watch the video and see how beautiful she is. 🙂 BEAGLES RULE! Does your dog participate in Dog Shows?

Beagle Saves German Shepherd

Meet Bentley, the Beagle, and her big sister Hunter, the German Shepherd. These pals have always looked out for each other, but their friendship faced the ultimate challenge when Hunter faced a life or death situation. Hunter fell through the ice of the backyard pond and was fighting to stay above water. Bentley knew there was trouble […]

Beagle Hitches Ride on Back of Ambulance

A story out of Texas about a man’s best friend is making national news headlines. The beagle, named Buddy, showed his extreme loyalty by refusing to be left behind when his owner was taken to a hospital by ambulance. So he jumped onto the back of an ambulance and rode about 20 miles to the […]

Beagle Shaped Hotel

Do you know the Dog Bark Park Inn, a Beagle shaped hotel in Cottonwood, United States? This most unusual Hotel was created by dog lovers especially for dog lovers! Take a tour of this AMAZING hotel:

Saved From Certain Death

This is an amazing story of 41 testing laboratory Beagles who have been saved from certain death with the help of a British Charity and Facebook! They were located by Shannon Keith and the Beagle Freedom Project in LA who paid to have all the dogs flown to America.

Beagle Co-stars With Keanu Reeves

Actor Keanu Reeves has a new best bud and co-star. He’s a four-legged Beagle named Andy, and they have leading roles in the new film John Wick. Reeves plays the title character, a retired hit man who returns to a life of crime and goes on a murderous rampage after Russian mobsters kill his dog. […]