10 Most Expensive Beagle health issues

Our pets are integral parts of our families. We watch them grow,  we nurture them, and we teach them how to function in our world. A lot of their lives revolve around us. Little Snoopy is pretty helpless when he comes down with a sickness or an ailment.  And treatment can be quite costly. Here […]

The Joy of Life – Giving Birth

Watch this momma beagle give birth to 7 healthy pups!   She even begins nursing them. It’s just her motherly instinct. Have you ever had a beagle give birth before? Tell us in the comments!

I Love Apples

This is Craig, the Beagle. He loves Apples… An APPLE a day keeps the vet away! In addition to being tasty treats, apples provide some nutritional benefits to your dog. They offer vitamin C and dietary fiber, and they are low in sodium and saturated fat. They contain calcium and phosphorus, and they also add […]