Caught Red Handed!

This beagle was caught red handed with it’s owner’s gardening gloves!   At first the beagle doesn’t know what to do. And then the pup decided to double down and defend it’s actions. Are their items in your house that your beagle just can’t seem to resist?  

Charlie loves the pie face game!

Charlie and Laura Olivia have a great new game to play! PIE FACE!   Charlie can’t resist licking the whipped cream. Do you play any games with your beagle? Purchase the game here:   Follow Charlie and Laura Olivia on Facebook: And YouTube: Link 

17 Halloween Costumes

Penny and Maymo couldn’t decide which halloween costume they wanted to wear for halloween!   So they tried on 17 of them!   This is so adorable. What is your beagle going to dress as for halloween?   Tell us in the comments!  

Beagle Pool Pawty 2

Beagles and water…most of them really hate it, Louie & Marie are not really sure about this liquid stuff. Louie did love his car floaty! Didn’t like Nemo and Dory that much :-).