Caught Red Handed!

This beagle was caught red handed with it’s owner’s gardening gloves!   At first the beagle doesn’t know what to do. And then the pup decided to double down and defend it’s actions. Are their items in your house that your beagle just can’t seem to resist?  

Oliver – The Snow Beagle

Oliver the Beagle meets Jack London. It’s not quite subzero in Fahrenheit, but it’s -10 degrees Celsius!  This beagle loves playing in the snow with Jack London! Does your beagle like snow? Tell us in the comments!

A day in the life of Hero

Hero is a beagle. Which means he has a ton of personality and energy!   Watch this cute little video of Hero just being Hero!  

Air Swimming Beagle

This beagle was meant for the water!   He’s even air swimming.   Have you ever seen anything so cute?

Remy learns some tricks

Remy, this adorable 11 week old beagle puppy is learning so many new tricks!   He seems super eager to learn new things! Watch him sit, lay down, and drop: