Beagle Spotlight: Petey went from 3lbs to 12.4lbs while battling multiple Liver Shunts


Louanne Lassiter got Petey around the same time as the tragic loss of her father. Petey was light during a dark time for Louanne. Little did Louanne know that Petey had issues of his own. Petey was born with a congential liver and has multiple liver shunts.

A portosystemic shunt (PSS) or liver shunt is a condition where the normal flow of blood, to and through the liver, is markedly reduced or absent. Normally, blood returning from the puppy’s digestive tract is routed to the liver through the portal vein. The blood flows through the liver and then exits the liver and joins the venous blood flowing back to the heart. A liver shunt is a blood v

essel that connects the portal vein with the main systemic bloodstream. This causes the blood to bypass the liver. Without adequate blood flow to the liver, the puppy’s body cannot thrive.

Petey has been to the emergency vet multiple times and is a fighter. The vet told Louanne that Petey’s liver only works at 20% of the normal rate. This is extremely taxing on a dog’s tiny body.  At his smallest Petey weighed 2 lbs. You can see how frail he used to look in these pictures.

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Dr Nicastro feels Petey is loved my so many people and his liver food and diet has contributed to him feeling better🙏


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Petey is now 12.4 lbs and living a normal beagle’s life. Send your thoughts and prayers to Louanne and Petey. Hopefully Petey has been through the worst of it and will continue to live a happy beagle’s life.


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