Beagle or Basset Hound

Beagle or Basset Hound


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Baby Beagle Playing With Older Beagle

Heidi, the Beagle, has a new housemate… …Maxwell, the Baby Beagle! Mom and dad were a little worried about how the 10-year-old Heidi would react… …but as soon as they met they became best friends!


Beagle Shaped Hotel

Do you know the Dog Bark Park Inn, a Beagle shaped hotel in Cottonwood, United States? This most unusual Hotel was created by dog lovers especially for dog lovers! Take a tour of this AMAZING hotel:


Floppy Ears

Django the Beagle has beautiful floppy ears… Here he is running in the backyard with his perfect ears flopping around… 🙂 BEAGLES RULE! How funny are your Beagle’s ears?


Cleaning Up

Charlie the Beagle and Laura Olivia the toddler are the best clean up team ever… This duo is just too cute… They are hardworking housekeepers… They look so happy while cleaning and organizing their stuff! Does your dog help you to clean up? Watch & Share:

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