Beagle or Basset Hound

Beagle or Basset Hound


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Beagle Freedom Project’s Year End Video 2014

This are the faces of lives save in the past year by Beagle Freedom Project. Here’s a summary of what BFP has accomplished in 2014, spotlighting a couple of their rescues. Watch it here: More info:


Nelly’s Story of Survival

This is Nelly and this is her story… She was used as a test tube, abandoned, shot, and left for dead. Nelly’s story of survival is heart-breaking but her resilience is inspiring. Visit the Beagle Freedom Project website:


Adorable Puppies Playing

Louie’s baby sister is already 7 weeks of age and will be joining his pack next week! Louie the Beagle is going to have to stand his ground because it looks like his sister is filled with energy. 🙂 Beagle puppies are just too cute! How old is your Beagle?


Dog in The Drive Thru

Today this Beagle decided to grab something to eat outside…. He goes to the drive thru… HILARIOUS!

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