10 Most Expensive Beagle health issues


Our pets are integral parts of our families. We watch them grow,  we nurture them, and we teach them how to function in our world. A lot of their lives revolve around us. Little Snoopy is pretty helpless when he comes down with a sickness or an ailment.  And treatment can be quite costly. Here is a list of the 10 most expensive health issues a beagle may deal with along with the avg. cost for treatment. The most common issue is a torn knee/ligament.

10. Ear Canal Surgery – Ablation – $1,285

9. Foreign Object in Stomach – $1,502

8. Torn Knee Ligament – $1,578

7. Broken Leg Requiring a Plate –  $1,586

6. Removal of Tumor in Throat $1,677

5. Foreign Object in Intestines – 1,967

4. Laryngeal Paralysis (Throat Paralysis) – $2,042

3. Ruptured Bile Duct – $2,245

2. Stomach torsion/Bloat – $2,549

1. Invertebral Disk Disease – $3,282

The cost to keep little snoopy healthy can be a steep one. One of these health issues could pop up any day, leaving you with a costly vet bill. Some of which can be ongoing. According to DVM Newsmagazine’s 2009 State of the Profession survey, veterinarians estimate the average dollar amount at which most clients would opt to stop treatment of a sick or injured animal at $1,451. This could have deadly consequences for our pets. This is why dog health insurance is so important. For around $25 a month(or slightly more) you can have a failsafe if your beagle’s health takes a turn for the worst.

We recommend Healthy PAWS health insurance. They are reliable,  have a great reputation,  offer comprehensive coverage, and they don’t deny pets based on hereditary conditions.

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