Benefits of a Natural, Fresh Diet for Dogs

“You are what you eat.” A saying that rings true for humans, as well as for dogs. Unfortunately, many commercial dog foods are not as nutritious as we’d like them to be. Andi Brown, author of The Whole Pet Diet and a pioneer of holistic pet products, says, “If you’re eating a steady diet of fast food […]

Preventing Skin Cancer in Dogs

In many parts of the country, temperatures are reaching triple digits. With all this sunshine, it’s important to protect your pet from dangerous UV rays, which can cause skin cancer in dogs. Even though our pets are covered with fur, their skin is still affected – even dogs can get sunburn! Dog skin cancer is […]

These beagles are ready for summer!(Cute Pics)

These beagles are ready for summer! It’s a Pool Pawty!   1.Quack Quack 2.Doing Summer Right 3. There are no fishies down here 4. Summer is best spent with friends 5. Not just for kiddies – a great idea for homes without a large pool. Get one here: 6. Beachin’ 7. Protecting your eyes and […]

10 Most Expensive Beagle health issues

Our pets are integral parts of our families. We watch them grow,  we nurture them, and we teach them how to function in our world. A lot of their lives revolve around us. Little Snoopy is pretty helpless when he comes down with a sickness or an ailment.  And treatment can be quite costly. Here […]

Caught Red Handed!

This beagle was caught red handed with it’s owner’s gardening gloves!   At first the beagle doesn’t know what to do. And then the pup decided to double down and defend it’s actions. Are their items in your house that your beagle just can’t seem to resist?